Must-Have Gear for an Enjoyable and Safe Surfing Experience

Surfing Essentials

Whether you’re just learning to surf or are an experienced pro, you’ll want to stay well-equipped for all conditions. Having the right gear ensures that your surfing experience is enjoyable and safe.

Including everything from moisture-wicking underwear to first aid supplies, here are the surfing essentials you’ll need.

1. Surfboard

Choosing a surfboard that fits your skill level and wave conditions is one of the most important things you can do. But knowing how to choose a surfboard takes time.

Length, width and thickness all affect your board’s volume. Increasing the size of your surfboard increases stability, but decreases maneuverability. Understanding how all these factors interact can make or break your surfing experience.

2. Wetsuit

Wetsuits keep surfers warm by trapping a thin layer of water against their skin. They also protect them from harmful UV rays and abrasion from the rough bottom of the ocean.

A wetsuit can also help you retain flexibility while surfing, allowing you to perform tricks and try new maneuvers.

Surfers need to select a wetsuit thickness that corresponds with the water temperature and climate of their local area. The best wetsuits balance warmth and stretch to allow for more range of motion.

3. Waterproof Key Case

Rather than hiding your keys in the sand or behind the car, there is now a convenient way to carry them with you while surfing. These waterproof key bags are the perfect solution for keeping your keys safe and secure while you surf.

When choosing a waterproof key case, look for one that has been designed with usability in mind. You want something easy to open and close – especially with cold, numb fingers post surf!

4. Sunscreen

Sunscreen is a must-have for surfing because it protects you from harmful UV rays. You want to make sure your sunscreen has a high SPF, is sweat and water resistant, and that you’re always reapplying it.

Surfmud is one of the best lotion-based sunscreens for surfers. It comes in a handy container and is easy to apply to the face, arms, or shoulders. It’s also free from oxybenzone and is reef safe.

5. Sunglasses

Surfing can be intense on your eyes, so it’s essential to have a good pair of sunglasses that not only look stylish but protect you from sun damage. They should have a ventilated frame to help reduce fog and polarized lenses to cut the glare. They should also be 100% UVA and UVB resistant.

Look for a pair that comes with a sports strap to ensure they stay on even when you get knocked off by a big wave. They should also have tint options for different lighting conditions – sunny conditions require darker grey lenses, and dawn or dusk requires brown lenses.

6. Ear Plugs

Ear plugs are a necessity for any surfer. They prevent ear infections and allow surfers to hear each other while surfing and other water sports.

There are a ton of options on the market from squishy pods to heavies that go all the way up in your ears and can block out waves. However, they can be expensive and can fall out, which is a pain.

One good option is Hearprotek ear plugs, which have wings that help them stay in. They also come in different sizes for a snug fit.

7. Water Bottle

Surfing is a vigorous activity that can dehydrate you quickly. Having a water bottle can help you drink enough fluids to stay healthy and active.

During surfing competitions, where heat and final times may change throughout the day, planning your hydration needs can help ensure that you meet your fluid targets.

Avoid boring plastic bottles by selecting a bottle that fits your style and mood. Shop for stainless steel water bottles that feature unique, original designs from independent artists.

8. Hat

A hat is an important piece of equipment for surfing, as it helps to protect your head and face from the sun. This can help to reduce the risk of skin cancer as well as making it easier to see when you are out in the water.

It is important that a hat for surfing is made from materials that can be worn in salt water and be quick to dry. It also needs to have a secure fit and adjustable chin straps or cords to ensure it stays on your head during surf sessions.

9. Backpack

A good backpack is a must have for your surfing adventure. It should be waterproof and sturdy enough to carry all your gear, including a wetsuit and towels.

It also needs to have a wet/dry bag for keeping wet items separate from dry ones. A zippered pocket for a laptop and a padded panel for your wallet are a plus.

The Rip Curl F-Light surf backpack has a large roll-top dry bag perfect for storing a wetsuit and neoprene accessories. It also has multiple storage pockets for both pre and post-surf drinks and a dedicated wax pocket.

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