Essential Surfing Gear

Surfing Essentials

Surfing is a fun and challenging sport that requires specific surfing equipment. The right gear can make the difference between a good time and a bad one.

A fin key is a must-have for any surfer, allowing you to loosen and tighten the grub screws that secure your fins. It’s also great for last-minute repairs.


Sunscreen is important for all water sports, but it’s especially essential when surfing because you can be out in the water for a long time. You need a high SPF, wide spectrum and water resistant sunscreen that will last. It’s also best to use a natural sunscreen instead of a chemical one because the chemicals can irritate sensitive skin.

There are many different types of surf specific sunscreens. The most common is a physical sunscreen that blocks the sun’s rays with zinc oxide and other natural ingredients. It’s a good idea to choose a brand that is organic and reef friendly, like TropicSport.

Another option is a face stick. These are thicker than liquid ones and stick better to the skin. They come in pearl white and skin-tinted options, such as the Shane Dorian Signature Tinted Face Stick for tan skin or the Mick Fanning Signature Face Stick for light skin tones. They are easy to carry and can be reapplied quickly.


Ear protection is a must-have for surfers. Not only does it prevent swimmer’s ear, but it also reduces noise and protects your ears from infections.

The best surfing earplugs are comfortable, and fit well to your ears. Ideally, they should be able to seal water out while still allowing you to hear sounds around you, such as your friends or the surf report from the beach.

SurfEars are great for this as they come with different sized wings and plugs that you can chop and change to find your perfect fit. They are also super comfortable and float to make sure they won’t get dislodged during a wipeout.

They’re a bit more expensive than some of the other options, but they provide you with a better fit and are designed to block water and wind while allowing you to hear. They also come with a little metal storage tube so they won’t get clogged with wax or sand.

Surf Bag

Whether you’re a travelling surfer with a few boards in tow or just transporting your board to and from the beach, a quality surf bag is an essential piece of gear. Designed to protect your board, a good surf bag will keep it safe from heat and moisture, as well as from bumps and scrapes.

A high-quality surf bag will have a thick layer of padding to keep your board protected. Some bags also have additional features like a padded expandable fin wing, corrosion proof zippers, leash string pull tabs and a latch that can connect to a rolling bag.

There are many different types of surfboard bags available. A day bag is ideal for transporting your board to and from the beach, while a travel bag is a great choice when travelling long distances. A travel bag has more padding than a day bag, which will help to ensure that your surfboard stays secure on the plane or in your car.

Waterproof Key Case

There are a few ways to keep your car keys safe when surfing. You can either hide them somewhere in your car or leave them with a friend. Leaving them with a friend is probably the best option because it’s more secure.

A waterproof key case is another great way to protect your keys. It can be worn around your neck or waist and is designed to be waterproof. It’s also made from durable materials and is easy to use.

There are several different kinds of waterproof key cases on the market, so choose one that meets your needs. For example, some are designed to slip inside your wetsuit, while others have a carabiner clip so you can attach them to your surfboard. There are also some that have a lock box, so you can keep your keys secure. The WordLock Key Lockbox, for instance, has a reinforced hardened steel shackle and can be opened with a code. It’s designed to withstand hammering and cutting, so it’s an excellent choice for surfers.

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