Understanding the Difference Between Verification and Validation

What is the Difference Between Verification and Validation?


Trying to understand food safety can be challenging, especially when there are so many terms that sound similar. Verification and validation are two of these terms that often get confused. Verification and validation are both essential parts of the HACCP system, but they serve different purposes.

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Basically, verification is the application of methods, procedures and tests (in addition to monitoring) to determine whether a control measure or combination of controls has been operating as intended and to establish the validity of the food safety plan. Some examples of verification are environmental monitoring (testing for pathogens living on surfaces or in drains), supplier verification and reviewing corrective action records.

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Having a strong verification program is essential for preventing problems and avoiding violations. As the nominated PCQI for your business, it is your responsibility to verify all records – including training and employee health. You should use the insights you gain from this process to modify policies and schedule additional training if needed.


In a food safety context, validation means to verify that a process works as described. It is an important part of the HACCP system and should be completed on all production processes.


The food industry is constantly trying to improve the way they validate and verify their processes. The goal is to make sure they are producing safe products and meeting the rising standards set by regulators.

Verification is done by establishing verification procedures for each of your HACCP plan’s PRPs (Preventive Actions). You also need to establish the frequency and responsible party for these activities.

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In the personal development arena, validation is the act of confirming that someone or something is correct or worthwhile. It is a form of acceptance that is very soothing to the soul. It helps people calm the collywobbles and makes them feel accepted by their peers and loved for who they are. This is the foundation of a healthy life.



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Inspection is an activity that involves viewing or examining something carefully and critically. Examples include health inspections of restaurants, where the business is examined to make sure it is operating under specific standards. You also inspect food safety records like temperature logs or corrective action records. Managers can use insights gained during the verification process to modify policies or schedule additional training for employees. You can also verify that contractors that work on your production site have had introductory food safety training.

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