Surfing: Exercise, Meditation, Expression, Community, Adventure

Why Surfing is Good For You

Surfing is a fun and exciting sport that can also be really good for you. It’s a great way to get some exercise and it also gives you a natural high called the ‘stoke’.

Mornings are often the best time to surf because the wind is offshore. However, evenings can also be great for surfing because the wind switches back to offshore as the day cools.

1. It’s a form of exercise

As a form of exercise, surfing burns calories and strengthens the body. It also helps improve cardiovascular health and promotes bone strength. Additionally, surfing can help reduce stress and improve sleep quality.

Surfers are able to experience the ocean’s power and beauty firsthand, which can be humbling and awe-inspiring. This connection with nature can foster a sense of environmental stewardship and encourage surfers to become advocates for ocean conservation.

Surfing can provide a sense of flow, which is defined as a state of total immersion and focus that can lead to feelings of happiness and wellbeing. This feeling is often achieved through the combination of physical activity, ocean air, and a meditative state of mind. The physical exertion and exhilaration of catching a wave can also be a cathartic experience that aids emotional healing.

2. It’s a form of meditation

Surfing requires patience, focus and a high level of awareness. It’s also a constant dance with nature. Each wave is unique and unpredictable, so surfers need to be able to adapt to the changing conditions. This makes surfing a great form of meditation!

When surfer’s get into the zone, they experience a moment of zen. It’s a feeling of peace and joy from being at one with nature and the power of a force of nature that is completely beyond our control.

Surfers are constantly battling fear and doubt, but when they’re in the flow, it feels like they’re one with the universe. This meditative state helps reduce stress and anxiety, while improving focus. It’s an awesome workout for both body and mind.

3. It’s a form of expression

Surfing has been around for centuries. It’s not just a sport, but an art form as well. It’s been influenced by different cultures throughout the years, and has evolved into what it is today.

Swell – An area of high pressure over a large ocean surface. A swell is created by wind blowing consistently over a large area of water, called the fetch.

Crest – The top of a wave before it breaks. The crest is defined by the high point between two low points.

Hang ten – A maneuver done in longboarding where a surfer stands all the way up on their board with both feet side by side at the nose of their board. Also known as a “nose ride”. Surfers often do this in order to catch bigger waves.

4. It’s a form of community

A sense of community is integral to surfing. When you’re part of a surf culture, you are surrounded by like-minded people who are committed to improving themselves through the sport and the lifestyle. It’s a very empowering community.

It’s also a great way to connect with nature. Surfers often find themselves on pristine beaches, far from civilization, enjoying the beauty of nature’s creations.

Lastly, surfing is a form of community because it allows people to reach out and help others in need. Surfers are known for their charitable efforts around the globe, using their love for the ocean to help others. Several organizations dedicated to helping people in need are founded by surfers. These organizations offer hope, healing, and a new horizon for those in need.

5. It’s a form of adventure

Surfing is an adventurous sport that requires a lot of physical and mental strength. It also teaches you to overcome setbacks and persist, which can help you develop resilience in other aspects of your life.

It can be dangerous and scary at times, but you can minimise risks by starting off small and training with an instructor. The most common injuries are surfboards hitting other surfers or surfboards hitting the ocean floor, but drowning is very rare.

In surfing, you’re not scoring points like in a competitive sport, so it’s more of a pursuit for a feeling, similar to how an artist creates their masterpiece. Surfing is a spiritual experience that allows you to connect with the ocean and nature in a way most people don’t get to do.

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