Ride the Swell

Ride the Swell is a club for fitness oriented riders of all levels who want to get more out of their riding experience by combining exercise with social interaction and fun. We ride weekly throughout the year in San Francisco, its surrounding hills and canyons. From sand dunes to mountain tops, our trails offer something for everyone. Join us on a ride and see what the Swell is all about!

The swell is the tidal movement that creates waves. Often, these swells are larger than the actual surf that breaks on the beach. The size of the swell depends on many factors, such as the weather conditions (wind and tide) and how far from the shore it is. The size of the swell also affects where it hits the beach, determining whether it’s a point break, reef break, or beach break.

To catch a wave, a surfer has to be at the same speed as the swell or it will pass them by. This is why surfers are always paddling like crazy: they’re trying to pick up enough speed so that the swell will do all the work of moving them forward.

The last thing a surfer wants is to be caught on the inside of the crest of a big wave, which will cause them to fall off and lose all momentum. A good surfer will be positioned at the very edge of the crest, or “on the face”, where there is still a chance to catch a great wave.

Dino thought that if Garrett could make it across the ocean to Nazare, ride the wave and not die, it might finally put the town on the map and give it a reprieve from poverty. So he sent an email to Garrett asking him to come to Nazare and see the wave for himself.