iWonder Surf - Parental Controls for the iPhone and iPod touch
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Safe and managed browsing on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Parental Control Software for the iPhone, iPad and iPod.


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Introducing iWonder Surf

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iWonder Surf is the ultimate parental control for managed web browsing. Using advanced technologies based on the Safari web browser for the iPhone and iPod touch, iWonder Surf allows parents to have total control and knowledge of exactly
WHERE their children are going on the web, exactly WHEN they are going there, and exactly WHAT they are looking at.

iWonder Surf is more than just a content filter, way more.
While other content filters simply allow you to block certain sites, iWonder Surf allows you to see the exact sites your children are visiting, from ANY location with a Mac or PC.

Every time your child visits a website, iWonder Surf records it and updates the activity list instantly with up to the second traffic reports. As a parent, you can view the sites your children are visiting from your home, office or even iPhone and see where they are going. Not only will iWonder Surf show you the website they are visiting; it will show WHAT they are looking at from the management menu.

For example, if your child visits MySpace, iWonder Surf will let you know. iWonder will also show what profiles your child looked at, and the exact time they looked at it.

A standard content filter may allow you to block content, but you will not know what your children are looking up or what is on their mind. iWonder Surf shows you what your children are looking at (whether it be inappropriate sites, or topics that you do not want them to see, such as suicide, explosives, etc). These reports can allow you as a parent to see what is on your child's mind and intervene if necessary.

Control your child’s device, without ever having to touch it.
iWonder Surf also allows you to totally disable a device, filter the sites, or allow all traffic - at the touch of a button. Using advanced networking technologies developed by Life Record Inc. for the iWonder Surf application, you can disable any device in your family (unlimited devices, iPhones, iPod touch) from your home, your office, or even your iPhone.

If you look at traffic and see your child is surfing the web during school hours, you can use iWonder Surf to disable web access during school hours from any location. You can also view traffic and control the web surfing permissions from anywhere without ever having to have physical access to the iPhone or iPod touch, giving you true remote management of your child’s device.

Knowledge Is Power, Know What Your Child Is Looking Up
iWonder Surf allows you to see what your children are up to, and place limits on what they can do. You can enable and disable websites and even the entire device from any location within seconds without having to have the child's phone with you.

iWonder Surf gives you total
KNOWLEDGE and CONTROL of exactly what your child is doing, and can do.

iWonder Surf May Save Your Child’s Life
Imagine how iWonder and your iPhone or iPod touch can help save your child's life. For example, if you see traffic from your child's iPhone or iPod touch looking for information on suicide, explosives or other alarming material, you will know instantly. If your child is on My Space and is talking to a pedophile, you will see the profile of that person, and activity between them and your child.

The Same Great Technology On Your iPhone or iPod You’ve Always Used
iWonder Surf uses the award winning Safari backend technology for its web display engine, so your child will enjoy the same great, rich web experience they always have with their iPhone or iPod touch.